How to Change AOL Password

The moment you get a thought that someone else accesses to your private or business account or when you are having a minute doubt on the privacy of your AOL mail account, you must Change AOL password. This article provides the best methods with easy-to-execute steps to Change AOL email password and makes your account secure. Before moving into the methods, let’s us tell you when these methods are needed to be applied:

  1. If you speculate that your AOL hacked change password.
  2. When you face an error message: AOL UI failed to load.
  3. When your AOL mail server not responding to the system.
  4. When AOL email not working due to any other reasons.

Then, make a smart decision and Change AOL password into more potent, difficult to deduce, and easy to remember.

How to Change AOL Password on iPhone/ iPad?

To apply this method, iPhone users must have an AOL application on their phones.

  1. Open AOL app, and enter your AOL email credentials 
Open AOL app - how to change AOL password on iPhone, how to change AOL password
  1. To do next, swipe your screen
  2. Click on ‘Email’ and navigate yourself towards ‘AOL Settings’
AOL Settings - how to change AOL password on iPhone, how to change AOL password
  1. You can be asked the answer to the security question you set during creating your account, enter the correct answer and click on ‘Continue’
Current password - change AOL password, change AOL email password
  1. Click on ‘Change password’ and provide your ‘Current password’
  2. Think and enter a strong ‘New Password’ and re-enter in ‘Confirm Password’
  3. Click on ‘Save changes’ to save your changed AOL password

After following these steps, you will be successful in changing the password of your AOL account. Don’t get confused, if you are looking for steps to Change AOL password on iPhone/ iPad then, let us tell that this method is applicable to all Apple devices.

How to Change AOL Password by Phone Number

This method is helpful for all of those who could not recall their AOL email address and want to change AOL password by phone number. To do so follow the steps of how do I change my AOL password one by one:

  • Sign in your AOL by providing ‘Phone Number’ and password
Sign in with Phone Number - how do I change my AOL password, how to change the password on AOL app

(You will be able to sign in through Phone Number only if your AOL account is synced with your it.)

  • Navigate yourself towards ‘My Account’ and click on ‘Edit’
My Account - change AOL password on iPad, AOL mail change password
  • Select the ‘Password’ section
  • Provide your ‘Current Password’ to confirm that it is you
  • Enter a strong and new code to change AOL password also, re-enter to confirm your new password 
change AOL password - AOL mail cannot change password, AOL hacked change password
  • Click on ‘Continue’ and a notification will pop on your screen that your changes have been updated. You might also get a notification on your phone number about the new changes. By any chance, if you AOL mail cannot change password, read below. 

The entire process cancels when the information provided is not correct. AOL Users have to make sure that they type the same password in both the columns, ‘New password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ others AOL mail change password will be failed.

How to Change AOL Password on PC

The idea to Change AOL Password on PC is most simple as you do not have to start from scratch. Follow the subsequent steps after logging in your AOL account:

  • Go to, the official
  • Navigate yourself towards ‘Join’ and click on it
  • Provide your AOL credentials like Username and Password
  • Click on ‘Sign in’ 
AOL Sign in - How to Change AOL Password on PC, change AOL password on pc
  • You will be averted to, click on ‘Account Settings’
Account Settings - how to change AOL password, change AOL email password

After following the above steps follow ‘Step 4 to Step 7’ from the above method of how to change AOL password on iPhone. Hope, you must have learned how to change the password on pc and by applying the same method, your account is now more secured.

How to Change AOL Email Password on Android?

Are you wondering how to Change AOL Password on android? Worry not. Learn how to Change password on AOL app on your android phone whenever and wherever you by just following the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Sign in by using the AOL mobile app
  2. Navigate yourself towards ‘Email Settings’ and click on ‘Change the password’
  3. Provide your current password and enter a ‘New Password’
  4. Re-enter to confirm password 
  5. Click on ‘Save Changes’

After you Change AOL email password on android, you can access your AOL mail via a new password.

Conclusion: always brings the best possible solution and methods of major-minor queries like how do I change AOL password in all devices like PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android. If you were unable to follow the above-mentioned methods, connect with our expert technician over a chat. Our AOL technical experts have been praised by thousands of customers from all over the world. Hence, try it and know yourself.

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